Reliant Congo SARL offers the best combination of skills and expertise, tools and idea,

And resources which raise our clients profiles and build their confidence by ensuring that our target market understands our business mission of providing quality services. We provide a unique concept in an ethical behavior, sustainable and professional manner. We are far beyond black and grey markets in terms of our standards. Reliant Congo commitment is to meet or exceed our clients expectations.

And by providing dedicated support and service to our projects. The latest consists of site training and inspections by our safety personal, prompt field services by our maintenance technicians, centralized Human Resources and purchasing services, and daily interaction with Reliant Congo senior management.


Reliant Congo SARL is a private company under Congolese law created in 2009, March.

The company has a strong mining background gained while working as a partner of Resemin S.A of Peru and Resemin of Zambia. The success of our business is supported by the dedication, good experienced and qualified team of mining; our senior manager offer a wealth of experience in all aspects of the mine. Our custodial staff and combines many years of experiences with a youth attitude and desire to learn and stay ahead of the game. We are proud to have a highly skilled labor force and we will transmit these powers to the next generations of workers. We strive to treat all our employee’s and our customers with respect, fairness and integrity.


Reliant Congo SARL offers the best combination of skills and expertise, ideas, tools, and resources that raise the profil of our customers and build their confidence by ensuring that our target market understand our corporate mission to provide quality services.

We provide a unique concept in an ethical behavior, sustainable and professional. We are well beyond black and gray markets in terms of our standards.

Our mission statement is to provide quality development and Drilling services. We also value our customers and ensure that we meet their expectations for drilling safely and on time.


We are a drilling company and we deal in :
Mining load and haul, Boxcut, Development, Long hole drilling, Primary support, Secondary support, Blasting, Raise Boring, Shortcreeting, Drainage, Mining Services (fitting hoses, drainage,….) Others Services: Distributor of Resemin Machines (Raptor, Traidon, Bolter etc).


Reliant Congo aims or exceed the expectations of our customers by working safely, on time and within budget. We do this by employing well-trained and qualified staff, bringing the right team together to meet the needs of customers and providing support and services dedicated to our project.


Our mission is to provide the best quality development and drilling service. We also value our customers and ensure that we meet their expectations and drill safely and on time.




Our vision as Reliant Congo is that we reach the highest peak of our goals and  stick to our mission and meet all our

clients needs.




The company is organized and managed by an experienced workforce that are mainly located in our mining sites in Congo DRC. With such a combination of skills, Reliant Congo SARL job to ensure that our customers receive the best support services consistent with the circumstances they face.

The Reliant Congo SARL management team includes:

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