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Currently, we work with (ALPHAMINE) North Kivu  in DR Congo, (KCC)  Kolwezi in DR Congo, Mopani Copper Mines (MCM) in Zambia, Nkana, Mindolo and Mufulira Mine site, Konkola Copper Mines Plc (KCM) at Nchanga Mines, and Hindustan Zinc Limited in India.

Our transactions with KCC Kolwezi mining began in 2009, operations (MCM) began in 2002 and KCM Nchanga Mines and Hidustan HZL in 2012.Our operations with KCC Mining Kolwezi started as far back as 2009, the (MCM) operations started in 2002, KCM Nchanga Mines and HZL Hindustan in 2012 and (ALPHAMINE) operations began in 2017.

Supplieres And International Partners

Reliant Trading Zambia
Sandvik DRC and Zambia
Epiroc,Alphatech Zambia
Drilling, Mining & Construstion DMC

PC Engineering
RNP – Mexico
BSI Steel
Local Suppliers – DRC
Main Other Local and International



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