Customer Benefits

Reliant  Congo SARL guarantee that he must comply with safe working practices and procedures under the statutory laws and business requirements NOSA safety system.

As well as to meet and follow the environmental requirements under the conduct of its normal business operations. Reliant Congo SARL guarantee it personal site are trained in both safety and first aid practices.

Manufacturing And Reconstruction In Spare, Part

The rule technology, design and implementation with national professionals, specialists, as well as cooperation with leading technology companies. The build quality and good service solutions for customers.





Heavy Earthworks

We perform maintenance and renovation of mining equipment and heavy machinery.We use semi-automated processes to reduce downtime and improve equipment efficiency; this ensures the job on their site have welding equipment and drilling joint systems that are running on the same computer.




Design, Manufacture And Assembly Of Metal Structures And Equipment

The development of our engineering company has a group of engineers and editors providing a full range of basic engineering, detailed engineering and manufacturing services. He has experience and ability to provide services such as mechanical design disciplines structural, mechanical and electrical, plumbing and engineering design for industrial process. All documents such as engineering drawings or specifications may be received or transmitted electronically to our customers using our permanent internet connection.

Special Welding
Our process is arc Tig weldersfor pipe welding, installation of water and steam valves for industrial plants. Welding inspections, magnetic particle, scintigraphy, and heat treatment 1 contamos with professional coaching to define processes and welding produres as required by the customer.

After the following quality controls:
  • Drawing, design calculations and test specifications
  • Purchasing and Material Control
  • Examinassion and inspection program
  • Conformities 1No
  • Welding
  • Non destructive testing
  • Heat treatments
  • Test and calibration equipment measures
  • Recordkeeping.

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