Reliant Congo SARL is a private company under Congolese law created in 2009 March. 

The company has extensive experience in the mining sector gained from partnering with Resemin SA Peru and Zambia. Reliant Congo aims to achieve and even go beyond the expectations of their customers by providing a safe work, on time and in accordance with the pre-established budget.

We do this by employing well-trained and qualified staff, and assigning the most capable team to meet customer demands by providing assistance and proper maintenance to our projects.

The final objective is to provide training on site. And improve the quality and experience of our employee’s.


Heavy Earthworks

Manufacturing And Reconstruction
In Spare, Part

Design, Manufacture And Assembly Of Metal Structures

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With a Congolese owner ship, Reliant Congo SARL shown eligible for business in DRC, especially as subcontractor.

The company The company has a strong mining background gained while working as partner of Resemin S.A of Peru and Resemin of Zambia.

The success of our business is supported by being  dedicated to our work, determinations and good experience of our employee’s.

Mission Statement

Reliant Congo SARL offers the best combination of skills and expertise, ideas, tools, and resources that raise the profil of our customers and build their confidence by ensuring that our target market understand our corporate mission to provide quality services.

We provide a unique concepts in an ethical behavior, sustainable and professional. We are well beyond black and gray markets in terms of our standards.

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Reliant Congo SARL

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Reliant Congo SARL

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Reliant Congo SARL

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we believe safety must be at the forefront of all our decision-making. Our people are our most valuable assets, making safety reside at core our values.


We are commited to providing the highest degree of quality in every product, solution, service & endeavor of our company


we believe teamwork empowers our individual strengths


We believe integrity is at the heart of our individual and corporate actions.

10+ Years of Experience

Reliant congo Sarl

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Our vision

Our vision as Reliant Congo is that to reach the highest peak of our goal where  we stick to our mission and to be true to our goals.

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When you hire us for construction services, you know you’re getting highly qualified professionals who have the expertise and experience to make sure your project is done properly and function with no doubt.